Significantly reduce working hours!
Why not make use of your spare time for management training?

The solution to personal information collection and digital contract

Reduce Workload by 85%

Low Cost, starts from $200 a month


WelcomeHR is an online service that simplifies the onboarding process of collecting personal information and creating legally-binding contracts

Would you like to stop managing and stamping culture on paper?
"Initial cost free campaign" will start ♬

Overview of "WelcomeHR initial cost free campaign"

Campaign period: June 5, 2020 (Fri) ~

Target audience: New inquiries who have not introduced an electronic contract

Plan content: (1) Free design and consultation until introduction

(2) Provided with no introduction fee *There is our regulation

Due to the influence of coronavirus, digitization is rapidly progressing,

In the age of streamlining entry procedures with cloud services.

Please contact us at this opportunity! !

Business Partners

Customers using WelcomeHR

Simplify the hiring process

It reduced our paperwork and saved us lots of time. We no longer feel stressful about the tedious hiring process!

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Increase the productivity of employee

WelcomeHR helped us to reduce the manual work. We can spend more time training our staff. This improves our team skills that is generating a positive impact on sales.


Reduce error in contracts and documents

WelcomeHR supports us to manage the hiring process for our new graduates. It streamlines our hiring process and increase our productivity level compared to the previous years.

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Efficent communication with Labor and Social Security Attorney

Easy to communicate with Labor and Social Security Attorney. We saved more than 20 hours monthly on recruiting process.


Why WelcomeHR?

01 Work Style Reform

Reduce work and eliminate overtime working hours!


Create & send a contract within


Using a template, it takes only 5 minutes from creating to sending a contract


Reduce work time


Concentrate on other important tasks without having to spend time on excessive paperwork


Cost saving


Significant cost reduction even with just sending one contract per month

02 More organized work space

Eliminate work and go paperless!



Get accurate data

Create a customized personal information form


Manage your 

data in cloud

Always access your data anywhere


Your contract terms and conditions

Upload your own company's contract details

03 Easy communication

Automatically manages everyone's status online


Track progress easily

Track your new hire progress


Get notifications

Get notified when new hire update status


Legally-binding contract in one minute on your phone

Easily complete the digital signature of the contract on your phone

Being secure in collecting employee information

Security & Privacy


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Download the Google Authenticator app and use the 2-Step Verification to protect your account from unauthorized use


IP Address restriction

This service limits the transactions when accessing (logging in) from an IP address other than registration by registering the IP address and domain name that you normally use in advance.



Our service is HTTPS (SSL / TLS) encrypted.

A revolution in hiring process with WelcomeHR

The provided solution from the feedback of HR department clients

Easy communication with Labor and Social Security Attorney


Reduce error in contracts and documents



Get work done faster with digital signature contract

Save time on postage mailing


Collect the right information in one process.

Share the information with Labor and Social Security Attorney

Collect the right information in one process.

Legal contract templates

An add-on to your HR management system

Media Coverage




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